Key Services Offered
• Residential Civil Engineering Services
• Civil Engineering Services to major buildings, shopping centres, stadiums
• Geometric Design of Major roadways
• Pavement Design and Rehabilitation
• Municipal Infrastructure Design
• Urban Engineering
• Transport and Traffic Engineering
• Hydraulic and Hydrological Engineering
• Structural Engineering
• Project Management
• Empowerment Assessments and monitoring
• Technical Investigations and Reporting

• Residential streets maintenance programmes
• Proclaimed road maintenance programmes
• Road rehabilitation
Civil engineering services - Residential and Industrial Developments
• Traffic studies (TIA and TIS)
• Structural design - new and existing structures

Municipal and Residential Infrastructure design Western Cape
• Bulk services design
• Bulk earthworks, platform designs
• Urban planning and layouts
• Solid waste management, landfill designs and operation
• Evaluation of suitability of materials
• Stormwater master planning
• River management
• Design of multiple and integrated retention pond systems
• The use and design of energy dissipaters
• The use and design of composite channels

C2C Urban Engineering
• Tender documentation, evaluation, contract supervision and administration
• Management of project professionals, environmental, ecological, National and Provincial agencies, Architects, Town Planners, Landscape Architects, etc.

Project Management Western Cape
• Feasibility studies, evaluation and design of roads, freeways, arterials
• Traffic calming and road traffic management
• Land use and transport studies (IDP, ITP, LUPO)
• Intersection analysis and designs (TIA, TIS)
• Traffic impact assessments
• Road signage and markings

Transport and Traffic Engineering Western Cape
• Visual assessments for surfaced/un-surfaced roadways
• Roadway surfacing selection and designs (reseals)
• Evaluation of existing pavement structures
• Roadway structural analysis and design
• Implementing pavement management systems
• Labour intensive construction techniques

Pavement Design & Repair
• Feasibility studies and assessments
• New structures, and alterations, renovations and extensions to existing structures
• Reinforced concrete, structural steel and timber designs

Structural Engineering Western Cape